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25 Foods Americans Love That Absolutely Disgust The Rest Of The World

Every corner of the world has its own unique traditions and customs, including the U.S. Though it might seem like most of the things we do are pretty normal, other countries often find American practices to be extremely odd.

Our eating habits, for example, are quite atypical compared to our friends across the pond. These are just a few foods that, apparently, only Americans enjoy.

1. Tomato soup.

2. PB & J.

3. Poptarts.

4. Pineapple Pizza.

5. Wings.

6. Butter popcorn.

7. Garlic bread.

8. Roasted sweet potatoes.

9. Meatloaf.

10. Applesauce.

11. Corn dogs.

12. More buttered popcorn.

13. Mac and cheese.

14. American melted cheese.

15. Chicken and waffles.

16. Any kind of casserole.

17. American’s love peanut butter on everything.

18. Cereal for breakfast.

19. Eggs and bread.

20. Cheese and crackers.

21. Chips with sandwiches.

22. Ranch.

23. Comfort foods.

24. Cold pizza.

25. The #1 American delicacy: pizza with ranch.

h/t BuzzFeed