Fan’s Years-Long Revenge Plan Against A Stranger Who Spoiled ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Has People Calling Him A Sociopath

Imagine if you’d been looking forward to seeing a movie, say a very popular superhero movie.

And imagine that all you wanted to do was see this movie that you’d been so excited about without knowing what happens at the end.

And then someone comes along and, for no reason at all other than pure maliciousness, ruins the movie for you by purposely giving you spoilers.

But no one would do that, you might say.

HOWEVER, you’d be wrong, because someone got punched in the face for doing that very thing. And because according to someone who posted on Reddit, that’s exactly what happened to him last year, before he got a chance to see Avengers: Infinity War (the one before the one that’s out now, Endgame, if you’re not familiar).

But he got revenge. Oh yes. Sweet, sweet revenge.

On the subreddit ProRevenge, a user named Jus10Schi wrote a post titled, “I spoiled Endgame for the random stranger that spoiled Infinity War for me by befriending him and lying to him for a year.”

OK, that is some serious commitment.

Here’s how he did it:

And yes, readers, there are indeed SPOILERS BELOW!

The OP wrote about how he’d been trolled by someone on Instagram who was searching an Avengers hashtag and spoiling the end of Infinity War for people.

He decided to pretend that he wasn’t mad about the prank and actually befriended the guy, to the extent that they’d talk about movies and memes and stuff.

All the while, the OP was just plotting how he’d get back at the guy. When it came time to see Endgame, the OP went before his “friend” did, and he took pictures of all the deaths.

And the OP sent all the pictures along with relevant plot points.

He wrote that this was payback for spoiling Infinity War for him and long story short, friendship OVER.

The OP added a few edits. One said he was psyched to make it to the front page of Reddit and the second one addressed people looking for proof that this story actually happened.

Redditors commented on how devious (or not devious) they thought OP’s plan was.

They also pointed out what was truly the most upsetting part of the story—HE USED HIS PHONE IN THE THEATER.

Some people thought the whole stunt was “more vindictive and cruel” than funny.

It just shows, there are no limits to the revenge people will take on someone who spoils movies for them.

h/t: Reddit