21 Of The Pettiest Things To Happen In 2018

There are those who believe that a petty act is nothing more than a waste of time, a silly excuse to behave like a child. Screw those people.

Because the truth of the matter is, pettiness is an art form. What some call “overreaction” the rest of us deem “karma.” It’s self-fashioned rather than universal, but it’s still karma.

Here are 21 of the pettiest Kings and Queens 2018 bestowed upon us. We worship you.


1. This timely password change:

2. This roommate SNAFU:

3. This time-consuming ruse:


4. This masterful band breakup post:

5. These incredible notes:


6. This birthday celebration:

7. This relatable maneuver:


8. This managerial nonchalance:

9. This Post-It war:

10. This bitter response: