15 Times People Went The Extra Mile To Nail Their Comeback

The best comebacks I see online are the ones where people go the extra mile. Do do some research. Maybe make a graph or a little drawing. It’s nice to see a little effort in an age on knee-jerk reactions

Good, witty retorts aren’t hard to come by on the internet, but great comebacks take a little more time to find. Don’t just tell me my mother is ugly. Tell me why. Explain that it’s the reason I’m ugly. Make a chart. Use math. GIVE SOME EFFORT.

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Anyway, here are the best comments containing brutal comebacks we had time to find.

15 Of The Best Comebacks From Folks Who Went The Extra Mile

1. A good comeback to a bad quote.

best comebacks - travel courage

2. Hot take from a hot mess, gets a comeback with data.

best comebacks - drag bars

3. Did a lil research for him.

best comebacks - charlie kirk

4. Imagine paying $4 billion to own a website you get owned on daily. 

best comebacks - elon mush v gary kasparov

5. The only people left saying anything online are trolls.

best comebacks - god made you tweet

6. Child vs Child

best comebacks - very happy young girl

7. The best comebacks involve a snappy sign, IMHO

best comebacks - funny sign

8. Babyman v Child

best comebacks greta v tate

9. Oopsies.

best comebacks - charlie kirk fact checked

10. Math hurts, baby.

best comebacks - sad reality


best comebacks - dr phil


best comebacks - earth is 4000 years old


best comebacks - student loans


best comebacks - stolen bike


best comebacks - jezebel