funny image of wine in water dispenser

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet

Every now and then, I share an old collection of the best funny pictures on Facebook so I like to keep the intros as generic as possible.

That way they won’t seem totally dated and/or random when I do post them again.

So…I’ve decided to go ahead and make this one as broad as possible so it won’t be weird when I post it a few months from now.

How about that weather yesterday, huh?

It was insanely hot. (Or cold. Or just perfect.) Wasn’t it?

And I can’t believe that game last night! What an exciting game of football. (Or basketball. Or hockey. Or baseball. Or soccer. Or rugby.)

I guess we’re all pretty glad the stock market was up today (or we’re all upset that it was so low.)

Anyway, enough chitchat.

Time to enjoy the best funny pictures of (definitely 100%) today’s (and not some day in the past’s) Internet.

funny image of funny store business hours

funny photo of pets waiting by screen door with separation anxiety

funny photo of dumb assholes holding left hands in candyland tweet

funny picture of car that says financial mistake

funny picture of sign that says let's get drunk and eat chicken nuggets

funny photo of comic by cyanide and explosm about eyes being up here

funny photo of dog knocking guy off raft in pool

funny picture of mcdonald's sign with g and y added to it to say gym

funny picture of sign that says the help desk will set you on fire if your question is stupid

funny pic of ice cream cones with a pine cone and traffic cone

funny image of two cats say nothing they'll blame the dog

funny pic of three girls react to the kiss at the wedding

funny pic of car looks like it's giving birth to a little car

funny image of fat man in underwear on plane

funny pic of dog hitched a ride on a truck

funny image of sock matches a shirt on TV

funny image of the burger federation

funny image of wine in water dispenser

funny image of thirty continuous hours of 5 hour energy

funny image of school bathroom pranked to look like harry potter and the chamber of secrets

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