23 People Who May Be Too Innocent For Their Own Good

Ignorance can be bliss, but it can also be a liability.

From people who think sex toys are gardening gear to girls who think their boyfriends are watching all-dude porn because they’re a one-woman man, the internet is filled with painfully innocent people who’ll make you say “oh, honey no.”

People like…

1. This well-meaning good samaritan who simply wants to make sure someone has their “inhaler”

2. This person who just doesn’t understand idioms.

3. This person who’s gonna be in for a surprise if they ever Google “Watersports.”

4. This soon to be single dude.

5. This Halloween costume shopper…

6. And this one.

7. This little Puritan…

8. And this one…

9. And wow, this one.

10. This Tumblr user who doesn’t quite understand what “69” means.

11. This poor dude.




15. Aww.