15 Toilets That’ll Make You Say “No Thanks, I’d Rather Just Poop In My Pants”

There are very few moments in life during which one would say, “No thanks, I’d rather just poop my pants.” They do, however, exist. For example, if someone were to ask you, “Would you rather swallow one thousand emperor scorpions whole, or would you rather just poop in your pants?” you would probably reply, “No thanks, I’d rather just poop in my pants.”

Similarly, if you were presented with the following 15 toilets, you might, you might just reply, “No thanks. I’d rather just poop in my pants.” Considering that eliminating directly into one’s own underpants is simply not the preferred method of defecation, this is saying quite a lot.

1. The toilet that forever looks sopping wet:


2. The toilet “concealed” behind a door of glass:

3. These dueling toilets:

4. And these cozy dueling toilets:

5. The toilets that respectfully hide your face:

6.  The toilets with a reflection:

7. The door-free toilet conveniently located in between two floors:

8. This symmetrical row of toilets, for group defecation:

9. And these toilets, separated by totally necessary glass walls:

10. This toilet, which requires planning and preparation: