Dude Who Thinks Women Can’t Get Periods Overnight Because ‘The Body Shuts Down’ Gets Pulverized By Twitter

How is it that men understand SO VERY LITTLE about women’s periods? I’m not even talking about detailed specifics, I mean just the overall idea: every 28 days or so, blood comes out of our vaginas for anywhere from a couple of days to like a week. We have no control over it, we can’t just clamp up or cross our legs tightly and keep it from dripping out. 

Some men just have a really weird idea of how women’s bodies work in general. Like when former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin said that women couldn’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape,” because “the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” Women’s bodies are not security systems—we don’t have steel walls that come down to protect the inner sanctum when there’s been an unwanted sexual encounter. It’s absolutely cuckoo bananas that an adult man wouldn’t understand the process of conception. 

Recently another not-very-bright guy revealed that he thought women’s bodies “shut down” when they sleep, so there’d be no way for a woman to get her period overnight. Shut down? Like, does he think that all functions stop? Digestion, respiration, everything? 

A woman named Frizzy on Twitter (@farahgamo) tweeted some screenshots of a convo between a man and woman (presumably herself?) that show just how confused some men are about the menstrual cycle. 

Twitter: @farahgamo

In the tweet, Frizzy wrote, “Men amaze me every day,” and you know what? Color me completely amazed, too. 


Twitter: @farahgamo

He even asked her if SHE was dumb. I can’t. 

Friends, the body does NOT shut down during sleep. Our brains are still working. Our bodily functions are still…functioning. 

And Twitter just couldn’t stop laughing at this dude. 

Even the men didn’t want to be associated with him.

People couldn’t believe that the dude thought she was somehow crazy for expecting him to know stuff we learned in junior high school sex ed. 

Some women shared stories about other idiotic things men believed about periods and women’s bodies. 

And another woman gave a shout-out to her partner’s sisters for making sure he was educated. 

What’s ridiculous about the guy in the text convo is that he knows absolutely nothing about periods and yet he’s probably the same guy who, whenever a woman exhibits any bit of negativity, assumes it’s because it’s her time of the month. 

Put this man in time-out immediately. 

h/t: Twitter: @farahgamo

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.