Here They Are, The Dumbest Things Said 2020 (35 Pics)

While it isn’t technically over yet we feel safe in saying that 2020 has been one very dumb year.

Jessica Hazeltine via News 5

Of all the years in recent memory, none of them dropped the ball, screwed the pooch, or shat the bed quite like 2020.

We had a very dumb COVID-19 pandemic, that’s still ongoing, complete with everyone’s very dumb reactions to it. We also had a very dumb presidential election and about a million other dumb things happen. The whole year has just been dumb, dumb, dumb.

What better way to round things out than by painstakingly compiling the dumbest things people said in 2020?

From bone-headed texts to social media posts so goofy they will make you vibrate with secondhand embarrassment, on this evidence it wasn’t a great year for the human species. Blame COVID, blame alien brain parasites, or blame our educational system… these folks need help.

1. You’re off by a few years.

2. Salmon vanilla really is dangerous.




6. Yes, smearing cow dung on your hands will make them cleaner.




10. May wanna check your math here.

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