Here’s What Your Favorite Movie Characters Would Look Like If They Swapped Genders (22 pics)

AI promises to revolutionize the world as we know it. The mind-blowing tech will transform how we write, code, and create art. It’s also a great way to see what Geralt from The Witcher looks like with boobs.

People have been using FaceApp to swap the genders of their favorite movie characters. Jon Snow becomes Jane Snow. Iron Man becomes Iron Woman. And Rey from Star Wars sprouts a gloriously rugged patch of stubble.

Scroll through for all of the mind-blowing, gender-bending technological magic.

1. Lady Snow, Commander of the Night Watch

2. The girl who lived

3. Lord Stark, King of the North

4. Mistress Witcher

5. Rey rocks some stubble

6. Thor, Goddess of Thunder

7. Captain America

8. Tyriona Lannister, the “halfwoman”

9. The Goddess of Thunder and her mischievous sister

10. Agent Cooper after a blowout

11. Hanna Solo

12. A powerful sorcerer from Vengerberg

13. Iron Woman

14. The Hero of Winterfell

15. Prince Organa of Alderaan

16. Ronalda Weasley

17. Eleven

18. Juliana Alfreda Pankratz

19. Matthew Markle, Duke of Sussex

20. Mr. Granger

21. Black Widow

22. Miss “The Hair” Harrington

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