23 Pictures Everyone Should Send To Their Most Incompetent Coworker And Just Say ‘You’d Do This’

We’ve all had that one coworker who is so incompetent at their job you’re not just surprised they haven’t gotten fired, but also how they managed to even make it to adulthood.

Meanwhile, you’re doing the exact same job but you know…correctly, and yet you’re their peer.

How these products managed to make it out into the world is only a surprise if you’ve never worked with one of these complete idiots.

The real issue not that they’re spectacularly terrible at their job, but their also out there voting and raising kids. That’s what keeps me up at night.

1. This bathroom stall setup where at least no one can see your face.

2. This bread bag that makes a perfectly good loaf of bread look moldy.

3. This “complementary” water kettle. IT’S A TRAP.

4. This Kleenex box showing one of Spider-Mans lesser know superpowers.

5. This bag of cranberries. There’s got to be a better way to get nutrients in there.

6. This mural. Who said being a hero is a thankless job?

7. This headline/photo mashup that is pretty much horrifying.

8. This beautiful open floorplan ruined by a weird fridge cubby.

9. This pencil that gets cooler as you sharpen it.

10. This clever ad that basically says “we sell stuff.”

11. These “I ❤️ GYM” 🍆💦socks:

12. This cake for a 2-year-old, and let’s be honest, they call it the terrible twos for a reason.

13. This typography fail.

14. This box for an unbreakable wine glass so your drunk-ass kid stops dropping hers.

15. This yoga mat that’s trying to get you to quit yoga.

16. This typography fail FROM A DESIGN SCHOOL.

17. This mixed message.

18. This unsolvable maze on a children’s menu, which is actually a great life lesson for them.

19. This clock that ain’t lying. We’re all a meat hello.

20. This lazy photoshop job.

21. This shirt advertising something unintended.

22. This shirt design that doesn’t look very warm.

23. This sign with the brail dots painted on.