17 People Who Definitely Had A Worse Week Than You

What’s the only thing better than things going well for you?

That’s right, things utterly failing for someone else!

Ok, maybe that’s a tad cynical, but if this week was rough as shit, take comfort in knowing you could be one of these people.

1. This unfortunate sap and/or racist

2. Poor Trish.

3. This girl, who is about to need a restraining order.


4. Whoever texted this…

5. And this.

6. This poor student.

7. Whoever made this pop-up ad

8. This dog.

9. This student.

10. This girl almost paying her mom for Pornhub.

11. This girl on vacation with her family.

12. This subway rider.

13. This guy’s girlfriend (or him, depending on how you look at it.)


14. This roommate. 

15. This girl.

16. This would-be friend.

17. And, of course, the Night King had a pretty shitty week courtesy of Arya.