27 Pictures You Should Definitely See If You’re Thinking About Going Off Birth Control

Having kids seems completely great with absolutely no downsides.

They’re just so easy to take care of and always so fun to be around. They never make messes or break things or get on your nerves, it’s just 100% smooth sailing all the way.

They’re also perfect for anyone who loves sleep and hates surprises.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at all these pictures of kids doing wonderful things that prove it. 

1. Kids are happy to give each other makeovers. 


2. They naturally tend to avoid dangerous activities. 

3. They’re also naturally very clean. 

4. The last thing you’d ever call any interaction with a child is “gross.” 

5. They love to help you organize. 

6. They love to decorate. 

7. And redecorate. 

8. Far be it from a child to ever break anything expensive. 

9. A kid making a mess that will definitely take you hours to clean up? Never. 

10. You can always trust them to stay wherever you tell them to. 

11. They take good care of your possessions. 

12. They seem very easy to reason with. 

13. They love a good art project. 

14. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a pony in the house? 

15. One area where you’ll definitely have no trouble is food. 

16. They never mess up rooms when you turn your back for just one dang second. 

17. To be fair, who among us hasn’t gotten stuck in a toilet? 

18. A 3-year-old would never ask you “Why?” over 100 times in one day. 

19. They seem super fun to go shopping with. 

20. Always happy to help you find your size. 

21. One thing they’re extremely respectful of is personal boundaries. 

22. Great with pets. 

23. They always know when someone needs a touch of lipstick to brighten their day. 

24. Imagine this picture with sound (that’s a decibel meter). Lovely!

25. They’d never do something like put over $1,000 cash into the shredder. 

26. I promise that you will never, ever get sick of seeing their precious little faces, not even if you are just trying to be alone in the bathroom for TWO MINUTES. 

27. And no matter what, you will always be able to get your beauty sleep. 

h/t: BuzzFeed, Bored Panda