33 Snapchats That Made Us Lose It In Public In 2018

Snapchat exists as a social media outlet for fleeting images. Ephemerality is the entire purpose. And yet this concept goes against the Internet at large, on which everything, via screencaps, becomes permanent.

This could be really bad for some people. For others, it’s great. Shout out to whoever screencapped and saved the following 33 Snaps. Y’all the real MVPs.

1. This sad inevitability:

2. This mirror wizardry:

3. This seeming impossibility:

4. This ice-cream-ception:

5. These street signs you can hear through your screen:

6. This enormous cereal:

7. This sorting cone:

8. This thirst trap:

9. This important question:

10. This red flag trio: