15 Hilariously Flawless Responses To Dudes Asking For Nudes

Sorry bros, but if you’ve ever texted “send nudes,” you kind of deserve to be mocked openly on the internet.

Below are 13 poor women who are giving the fuckboys of the world the digital justice they deserve.

1. Clever girl.


2. Towel, bish.


3. She’s not wrong.


4. I’ll also be billing your insurance company for these.

5. Two perfect tits.

6. Alex is typing…


7. How do I block these messages?

8. Too far, no not enough, no go back…

9. Again, she’s not wrong.

10. Thanks technology!

Pleated Jeans

11. Well f-you too!




12. No.




13. You got what you asked for.


14. Genius on a whole new level.

15. I say don’t tell him.

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