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27 Hall Passes That Have No Business Being This Funny

Remember back in grade school when you needed teacher approval to do anything or go anywhere outside of the classroom? And any freedom was contingent upon receiving the holy grail—a hall pass.

Typically, it came in the form of a piece of paper or a laminated card, but a lot has changed since those days. In fact, teachers in 2019 are outrageously creative with their hall passes and these are a few of the best ones we’ve seen so far.

1. The toaster.

2. This straight up cinder block.

3. A bottle of dish soap.

4. Just a giant lamp.

5. This muscular bust.

6. A Nintendo controller.

7. This standard pencil.

8. A traffic cone.

9. This old school floppy disk.

10. A block of ice.

11. This hilarious teacher selfie.

12. A clever meme.


14. A whiteboard.


16. A trumpet.



18. A chair.

19. This life-size bear.

20. A giant bowling pin.

21. This toilet seat.

22. An oar?

23. This little tree.


24. A giant trash can lid.

25. A smiling Burt Reynolds.

26. Just a rock.



h/t BuzzFeed