Just 25 Utterly Hilarious Texts You Need To Laugh At Today

We know there’s plenty of negativity inundating your newsfeeds these days. Political leaders at each other’s throats, government shutdowns, etc.

So, we’d like to direct your attention to something a little bit more positive like these downright hilarious text messages we found on the internet today.

Go ahead, have a laugh on us. You deserve it.

1. This clever attempt at role play.

2. These playful nudes.

3. This perfect response.

4. This important reminder.

5. A grammar mistake that didn’t go unnoticed.

6. This mother and son conversation.

7. This person who needs to stop smoking.

8. This disturbing realization.

9. This hilarious accidental text.

10. And this romantic gesture.

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18. Grandpa’s pasta sugar.

19. A real conundrum.

20. This inappropriately timed pun.

21. Oyster, that is all.

22. A true champion.

23. This person who just wants to be a person.

24. The king of dad jokes.

25. Some dangerously misconstrued lyrics.

H/T BuzzFeed