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Hypochondriac Twitter Share Their Funniest “I Think I’m Dying” Stories (35 Tweets)

Inside each of us is a little hypochondriac, convinced every ache, pain, and weird spot on our body is heralding doom. To make matters worse, there’s a nifty website called Web MD where you can type in your symptoms and get diagnosed with death. ER doctors everywhere would probably like to have the creators of Web MD shot into space, especially because of stories like the one writer Mark Shrayber shared with Twitter.

Shrayber says he went to the ER because “my legs have turned blue and Web MD says I have deep vein thrombosis.”

It turned out he’d just worn new jeans without wearing them and his skin was stained blue from the fresh denim.

Hilarious and embarrassing and also a very popular tweet! turns out there’s a Hypochondriac Twitter out there, and they all saw themselves in Mark’s situation. People started sharing their own “close calls” that ended up being nothing at all.

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If you’re having anxiety over magenta poop, reading these funny hypochondriac tweets might help you relax. Though you should definitely go to the ER if you need to! Better safe and humiliated than sorry.