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15 Things You Can Say During Sex And Also During A Job Interview

There’s not many situations more different than being right in the middle of some sweet sweet love-making and sitting in a job interview but, somehow folks on the internet are sharing things that you might say during both.

Reddit user u/RevCorex asked:

“What is something that you can say during sex, but also at a job interview.”

And the results are hilarious.

Here are the top 15 things that could be said when interviewing for a new job and also mid-hump.

1. Good… and bad

“I was so nervous, I came early.” –Santizor02

2. The source of all information

“I learned about this position online.” –nickelcap

3. So many good positions

“I am really interested in this position.” –trebuchetfight

4. Either way, makes me nervous

“Is this being recorded?” –hominian

5. A fantastic quality

“I am extremely flexible.” –thefranchise305

6. Never a good way to end

“Sorry what was your name again?” –RatCity617

7. That’s just good work ethic

“I’m willing to start at the bottom and work my way up.” –Kcidobor

8. Punctuality is key

“I’ll always come on time.” –chrischu97

9. Honest question

“Am I in?” –PeacefulComrade

10. Oh, I bet you are

“I am a people pleaser.” –allthatglitters2404

11. When you gotta go, you gotta go

“Can we take a short break? I really need to pee.” –OddRoutine

12. Experience is key

“I have 10 years experience doing this.” –CricFan619

13. Fair question

“What’s the pay?” –HippyQueer

14. Love a team player

“I can work with a team.” –Temporary-Comment478

15. Oh, my

“I hear you have three openings you’re looking to fill?” –AOCisNotAhorse

16. That might be a little too honest

“I’m desperate.” –westslavbestslav2021

17. That just ain’t right

“We are like a family here.” –dahopppa

Lead image: Pexels/Unsplash