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They Call Her Karen Durant—Woman’s Shameless Layup Goes Viral

The name “Karen” is definitely a pejorative for a certain kind of woman who complains as quickly as she breathes. But the Internet is nothing if not chaotic. Right now, one of the reviled Karens has risen to hero status on Twitter and TikTok. She is Karen Durant, the middle-aged white lady in capris and loafers doing a behind the back crossover move and a left-handed layup in what looks like someone else’s backyard. 

The video was originally posted by @prezzyprezz on TikTok. It shows a teen boy trying to run defense on this lady and her moves. She’s not particularly quick or stylish or even athletic in her maneuvers—she just has a lot of skill and that’s all it takes to sink the ball. The videographer shouts, “Buckets!”

And then Karen Durant wanders off across the lawn, going to school yet more teens on how to put it in the hoop. People were already sharing the clip, but the nickname really caught on when Twitter user @slicktweets shared it along with a bunch of other women’s names combined with those of NBA players, like Stacey Mcgrady, Lucy Doncic, LauRen James, Stephanie Curry, Kristina Paul, and Paulina George.

And as quickly as people have turned against the Karens, they have started supporting this one.

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She has become their new queen and their new meme. Here’s are some of the best jokes about Karen Durant and her cute mom sunglasses.