And Now The Greatest Nerf Gun Shot In The History Of Nerf Gun Shots

Nerf guns are either the greatest thing in the world or the worst thing in the world.

It really depends on what end of the gun you’re on.

There is so much joy to be the person who sets up the perfect shot to hit someone with a completely harmless projectile.

Even if you’re annoyed as the victim of such an attack, it’s pretty hard not to be able to appreciate one that has been so perfectly carried out.

Take this mom, for instance, who is the recipient of what is pretty much the luckiest Nerf shot of all time.

She can’t help but appreciate it.

I’m pretty sure when Pat Benatar sang “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” she was talking about being attacked by a Nerf gun in this exact manner.

(via Break)

And then there was the time when a guy shot his wife with a Nerf gun every day for a week straight.