Mom Slamming Target For Selling Vibrators Self-Owns, Gets Roasted

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So many people go online to complain about the stores where they shop.

In fact, the problem of whiny customers is so rampant, it’s pretty much the entire premise behind popular “Karen” memes like this:


And while sometimes it’s for legit reasons, other times it seems like they’re going to look for grievances. 

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Recently, a woman named Misty Soulard is getting laughed at on Twitter for her antagonistic relationship with Target because she ended up putting herself on blast instead of the chain. 

Like, what did she think was gonna happen?

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A screenshot of a post she put on Target’s Facebook circulated on Twitter, first posted by @kittynouveau, who commented:

“i am SCREAMING at how this woman thinks a rabbit vibrator works.”

“Target sinks to a new low in it’s [sic] hatred of parents, children, families and anything appropriate,” Soulard writes. “Front and center for little eyes to see. A vibrator that you can stick in BOTH holes. Because that is appropriate for little ones to see while shopping for vitamins.”

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The picture she shared, which is clearly taken in the aisle that stores things like condoms and lube, not children’s puzzles, is of a “Plus One” dual vibrating massagers and a vibrating wand. 

I’m taking a wild guess here, but I *think* Soulard is imagining that Rabbit-like model goes in both the vaginal canal and the butthole at the same time? Or she has another hole I haven’t heard of. This is not correct. On of those wands is for insertion, one is for external stimulation. So I’ve heard…

Lots of people are mocking Soulard, though some straight-up feel bad for her. She could obviously use some sexual health lessons and a little private time with a Plus One. Others are baffled by this woman expecting the store not to carry these sorts of toys, especially when it seems like she’s the one who hunted them down:

Maybe the vibrators should be more discreet, but I also don’t think any child too young to know about them would comprehend what they are unless you drag them down the aisle and draw their attention to them by taking a picture.

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