27 Times Old People Were Way Better At The Internet Than You In 2018

11. This grandma, who was very, very excited:

12. This grandma, who’s definitely seen that guy around before…

13. Donna, who knows there are bigger problems in this world:

14. This individual, who chose to see the glass as half full and have a good hotel stay, despite the, uh, circumstances:

15. This grandparent, who may or may not want or need a dish rack:

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16. This grandpa, who knows fewer words are always more effective:

17. Pam, who doesn’t know how this works but isn’t afraid to try:

18. This grandma, who had a lot of important questions and wasn’t afraid to ask…Facebook:

19. This Nana, who is alarmed and not afraid to say it:

20. And this one, who is eager to share her meal despite having already eaten it: