25 Reasons You Should Read The Reviews First

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. You only need to be burned once to learn this.

Most of us have found a screaming deal online and jumped the gun on ordering it without reading the reviews. Now you’re stuck with a sweater you thought was cute but it’s actually six inches long and your cat is mad at you because you tried to put it on him for an Instagram picture. I’ve seen it a hundred times.

The following people learned this lesson the hard way and documented it for our pleasure. So, whether you’ve been in this boat before or not, it’s pretty funny when it’s not happening to you. That being said, READ THE REVIEWS.

1. Or you’ll end up with some puffy pillow Yeezys.

2. Because you’ll look like Deadfool.

3. Because I doubt you like to cook one egg at a time.

4. Or receive a pair of shades that’ll only fit your cat.

5. Because nothing good is free in this world. 

6. And you’ll just get straight up scammed. 

7. Because your little brother’s action figure is getting some new kicks.

8. Because you’ll end up with some painted rain boots.

9. Or your cat will never forgive you.

10. Because you’ll end up looking like a sad monk.

11. Or like a human burrito.

12. Because I’m pretty sure this isn’t the summer look you were going for. 

13. Because no one wants to see this smile. 

14. Because FNCK isn’t a fncking word.

15. So you don’t end up looking like Slenderman.