This Viral Thread Roasting Newborns Is Bringing People To Literal Tears

Babies aren’t for everyone.

Being around babies isn’t for everyone. While there are of course people out there who nearly melt at the sight of a newborn, there are also tons of folks out there don’t f—k with them at all. Neither is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’—it is what it is.

For me, it depends on the newborn. If they have Michelin Man wrists/ankles and give off a good vibe, I’m down. If they scream constantly and mean mug without cause, then nooooo thank you.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter user Charlily (@charlee_buns) prompted Twitter to share revelations about newborns in a way that was both so controversial and so brave (though mostly so funny.)

“Let’s slander newborns,” Charlily tweeted frankly. “I don’t like their lil swoop hairdos.”

Shots fired. People began to roast the hell out of newborns, starting with their appearance and odor:

Whyyyyyy are they always sticky???

Also, what’s up with the way newborns behave? They can’t speak or clap or…do anything fun at all, really.

It’s like, all they do is cry.

They’re lazy. They are entitled. They never pitch in.

They don’t have comebacks. THEY. ARE. CLINGY.

Who knew babies were so dang easy to slander?

h/t Twitter