23 Of The Spiciest Comebacks We Found On The Internet This Week

If you like your comebacks extra spicy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Each week we comb the depths of the comments section (and, boy, are there some deeply depressing depths) to find those rare retorts that pack a little extra heat.

Here are this week’s ghost-pepper-level comebacks.

1. #AllFilter

2. Conspiracy theorists say Funny-19 was made in a Netflix lab.

3. Team Okayden.

4. Huell!

5. It’s simple math.

6. Can’t touch this.

7. Who’s the clown now?

8. Pot calling the kettle boy/girl.

9. It’s an homage to native people.

10. “I didn’t just say it. I declared it.”

11. Whose on first?

12. You have to protect your Italian BMT.

13. Dad isn’t holding back.

14. Oh, snap.

15. Not gonna wiggle out of your dumb comment.

16. She’s not wrong.

17. QED.


19. Lizard or robot?


21. Choo-choo!

22. I don’t want to play your game.

23. He’s “unique” looking.