Teacher Destroys Former High School Student After He Tries To Drag Her On Facebook

Teaching at the high school level has got to be one of the toughest teaching jobs that exist. You’re dealing all day with kids at what has been scientifically proven to be their most difficult age (probably) and at night you’re planning lessons for and grading the homework of those same teens. A teacher’s got to be a real badass to make it through while still getting if not admiration then at least respect from the students.

High school students are like wild animals—they can smell fear, and they’re always ready to pounce. That’s why only the strong survive, and being one of the strong means being able to handle insults and just come back stronger. The ability to roast a student has saved many a teacher from falling prey to a pack of teens.

Reddit user ReKonCIle shared an example of a teacher flexing her roasting muscles on a student who tried her patience back then and is still trying her patience now. The difference is, this time she’s not his teacher anymore.

A classmate had posted about an upcoming school reunion and how she hoped that a certain teacher would be.

At that point, someone named Larry commented that he didn’t like the teacher, because she’d given him summer school.

School’s out kids from MurderedByWords

The teacher commented that she unfortunately wouldn’t be able to attend, and took a second to burn Larry on his grammar. Hey, he started it.

Larry went all out, calling the teacher a “bithc” because clearly the spelling lessons didn’t stick too well either. But the teacher took it all in stride, delivering the most perfect response imaginable.

Oh, Larry. Don’t get up. Just stay down.

h/t: Someecards and r/MurderedByWords