Just 31 Texts That Were Funnier Than The Ones Your Friends

It’s hard to believe 2019 is only a few weeks away. While 2018 was somewhat of a lackluster year, we can always count on the internet to offer us a reprieve from the madness.

These ridiculous text messages, for instance, are unbelievably hilarious and might just be some of the best conversations we’ve ever read. See for yourself.


cheese from Badfaketexts


Buy me the Xbox and nobody gets hurt from Badfaketexts

3. This epic grammar fail:

You’re from Badfaketexts

4. This disturbing level of love:

Intertwined Feet from GoodFakeTexts


‡-) from GoodFakeTexts


wait what…


A smooth criminal. from memes


Let me spale it out for you from Badfaketexts


Oh Steven you little rascal from Badfaketexts

10. This amazing jokester:

Ho Malone or Post Malone from memes