25 Things That Definitely, 100%, Without A Doubt Happened In 2018

A growing body of research proves that social media exacerbates feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety, normalizes cyberbullying, and causes literally everybody to feel judged, insecure, and generally unhappy.

Hopefully you know better than to attack strangers on the Internet for their outward appearances, or for differing opinions and beliefs.

But some people deserve to be called out—if not by their name, then by their words. In fact, there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to calling out those who spin unbelievable stories. It’s called r/ThatHappened, and it’s really something.

Here are 25 things that definitely, 100%, without a doubt happened in 2018.

1. This toddler’s profound statement:

2. This brave rescue:

3. This teacher’s mental breakdown:

4. This undiscovered chef’s groundbreaking new recipe:

5. This super lucky job perk:

6. This 4-year-old’s incredible business advice:

7. This clever, woke 7-year-old:

8. This cruise ship’s supersonic hearing:

9. This boyfriend’s ultra-romantic gesture:

10. This school’s consideration for its emo population: