Tinder Dude Tries To Turn Bad Pickup Line Into A Flirty Rap Battle, Painfully Discovers He’s No Match For His Date

In what has to be one of the most meta exchanges in recent memory, two people who matched on Tinder became engaged in a sick rap battle (all written) and in the end, decided to post it on Reddit themselves, where it went viral.

While most Tinder interactions are stilted and awkward at best, these two seemed to have hit it off, at least as far as their senses of humor go.

It started with the guy trying out a pick-up line, that the woman quickly (and jokingly) shut down.

And then she started rhyming, inadvertently at first.

So the guy decided it was time for them to RAP BATTLE.

It was clearly a mismatch—the man quickly found himself outclassed.

The woman gave him some credit for spitting some decent verses but pointed out it took him way too long.

She then continued to run rap circles around him.

Finally, he conceded and admitted that she should wear the crown.

But then they got the idea of posting the whole thing on Reddit and letting the commenters decide.

And pretty much everyone on Reddit agreed—the woman was victorious.

And then the guy who posted the messages, -jimbles, showed up in the comments.

I think everyone wants to know how the date goes at this point!

They’re going out Saturday night, which we learned when the woman (snuffleupagus3000) showed up in the comments! Nice!

And as someone pointed out, while he may have lost the battle, he still gets to hang out with this excellent lady, so in that sense, he won!

h/t: Reddit

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.