18 Tumblr Posts You Can Only Appreciate If You Survived Public School

Anyone who endured the joys of the public school system knows somethings never really change. Remember those ‘temporary’ buildings from elementary school that are still there? Or how about grade school lunches? And today’s mystery meat will be…

All in all, public school wasn’t so bad especially when you and your friends got away with all sorts of debauchery before joining each other in Saturday D-Hall. Ahhh, good times. To all the former public school kiddos out there, each and every one of these Tumblr posts is sure to make you laugh or at least bring back some scarring memories.

1. Constantly praying that you didn’t get called on.

2. Pop quizzes were the devil’s work.

3. Smartasses always got detention.


5. Learning all of the math you would never use again.

6. Making friends wasn’t always easy.

7. Breaking the rules was a thrill.

8. Angsty literature made us feel understood.

9. Trying to read between the lines was a nightmare.

10. There was always that one class.

11. Being introverted had its benefits.

12. All of those damn ‘temporary’ buildings.

13. BS’ing the teacher was a coveted skill.

14. Apparently, some people actually had school houses.

15. This scarring assembly:

16. Having an emo phase and scaring your teachers.

17. School dances were weird.

18. Some teachers really impacted our lives.



h/t BuzzFeed