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Woman On Turkish TV Goes Viral After Getting A Haircut And Promptly Fainting

A woman fainted on Turkish television after getting a haircut as part of a makeover—and I think we all can relate.

Haircuts can be traumatic events, especially when you have as much hair as this woman and are clearly very attached to it. 

The fainting incident took place on the makeover show Kuaförüm Sensin (You’re My Hairdresser). Using volunteer models, make-up artists and hairstylists compete for a grand prize by showing off their talents. On this particular episode, one of the volunteers—who has Rapunzel-length hair—get a massive chop to her shoulders.

When she realizes what has happened, her face contorts into horror and she cries, “what is this!” She rips off her smock and begins to leave the stage. Then, she faints into the arms of the show presenter. It’s incredibly melodramatic—and edited for maximum cheesiness. 

Twitter user @samiinovaaa posted the clip alongside the caption “I’m SCREAMINNNN why is that so relatable tf.”

The video has been gotten over 21,000 likes and 5,600 retweets, so clearly people can empathize with the fainting woman. 



The dramatic editing was also a hit.

But some folks had no pity.

Have you ever gotten a haircut that destroyed you?