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People Share The Weird Things Their Family Treated As Normal That Definitely Weren’t (37 Tweets)

When you’re a kid, you mostly assume the adults in your life are normal and trying to teach you how to navigate reality in the best possible way. What they say, goes, at least until you’re old enough to question it. Even then, there are probably a lot of traditions and habits that you won’t even think to question. And that’s where they get ya.

Writer Nicole Cliffe always gets a lot of engagement on her tweets, but this one of what is considered “normal” in a family got even more responses than usual, probably because all too many of us eventually realize how not normal our family is.

She asked, “If you normalized something (non-awful) because your family did it and then realized it was not, in fact, normal or remotely common, I would love to hear about it.”

I appreciate that she specified non-awful, because it kept the thread from getting super depressing. It was just super weird. She shared an example from her family to explain further:

A few of the things people said were normalized in their family actually do seem normal to me, so I guess they’re more rare than weird. Some people even commented when they recognized a family habit, which is really cute. It’s nice to know you’re not alone when you leave the house you grew up in. There are weirdoes everywhere.