16 Things You Should Do If You Want Your Roommates Hate You

9. If you leave the sink clogged up with old pasta, you nasty and your roommates don’t like you, at all:

10. If you tear open bags of bread like a wild animal, letting the remaining food to go stale, your roommates don’t like you even a little bit, even at all!

11. Ditto!

12. If you muck up the aluminum foil, and then waste yards and yards of the roll rather than just fixing it, you are a wasteful human:

13. If you leave other people’s grills looking like this:


14. If you ignore proper dishwasher staking logistics, and throw bowls in all willy-nilly like this:

15. If you treat the shared tub of toothpaste like this, your roommates definitely talk about you behind your back (and hate you):


16. And finally, if you commit the ultimate sin—if you drink all your roommates’ wine and don’t replace it, your roommates definitely, 100%, high-key hate you: