16 Things You Should Do If You Want Your Roommates Hate You

It’s fairly simple to determine if you’re being a bad friend, or partner, or family member, or a roommate. The general comes down to: don’t be a jerk! And clean up your messes. And be respectful of other’s people’s space and belongings.

Unfortunately, there are some preeeetty self-unaware folks out there. People who have so little self-awareness, you cant help but think that their bestial behavior is the direct result of being raised in a proverbial barn.

Are you one of these people? If you do these 17 things, then yes, you absolutely are. And yes, your roommates without a doubt high-key hate your guts.

1. If you do THIS instead of going the extra step and putting the new roll on, your roommates hate you:


2. If you can’t take two minutes out of your day to take out the overflowing trash:


3. If this is how you store leftovers, guess what? Your roommates hate you!


4. Also if you shove the only cookware int the fridge:


5. If you think this is in any way A) OK or B) salvageable:



6. If you eat all the peanut butter cups off the cupcakes:



7. If you open new cracker sleeves before finishing the previous ones:

8. If you shave hair off your body into the sink, and then neglect to clean it up, your. roommates. hate. you.