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Everyone Is Having Fun With Zoom Backgrounds Because They Don’t Have Actual Backgrounds

In the days of quarantine, we’ve had to turn to apps like Houseparty and Zoom to get our interactive kicks. Some people are logging on to entertain themselves, but a lot of people have to join virtual meetings for work or online classes. All this forced video conferencing has made people a bit wacky and led to the use of one of Zoom’s best features: backgrounds.

You can change your Zoom background to various preset options, or add your own favorites. You can be taking a meeting in outer space, an open field, with a bunch of wild running horses or just somewhere that looks better than your actual home.

Lots of brands and TV shows have started sharing their own Zoom background options, too, trying to make fans feel included in their world. Why not sit in a room from RuPaul’s Drag Race, or sit in your favorite arena? If you can’t travel the world right now, at least travel the best (and funniest) Zoom backgrounds we have…so far: