Influencer Slammed For Taking Booty Pics In Front Of Looted Store Amid Protests

Influencers just can’t stop being influencers. What are they influencing? In the case of this woman caught posing for the ‘gram by the Twitter account @influencersitw, no one is exactly sure. Maybe she’s doing a brand partnership with T-Mobile, but my guess is that she wanted a dramatic image in front of a looted or burned-down building. Because of her carefully selected co-ordinated outfit, in T-Mobile black and pink, I’m guessing she isn’t interested in genuine support.

The video the account shared showed the lady standing with her back to the photographer, staring into the empty building. She poses, he snaps, and then she turns, her face looking tragic. I suspect this lady is sadder for the incinerated cell phones than for the Black people being killed by police violence:

Whatever she believes, nothing can disguise the shallow weirdness of getting dressed up for a promotional shot right now. Some people even point out that she was going for the booty “take me back pose” like she was gazing out over the hills:

A few people have criticized her by saying that she is “performing empathy” which is a very generous interpretation of what’s going on. Most are just disgusted:

Director Ava DuVernay is saying “another one” because there have been a few random white women pretending to be more involved in what’s going on than they actually are, like this lady pretending to drill a business closed:

At least do something real to get the photo op. Or better yet, sign a petition and donate money. Then screenshot it. Perfect for Instagram!

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