Twitch Streamer Shames People For Not Paying For Her Channel

Times are hard and unemployment is at a record high. There isn’t much support coming from the government and lots of people are struggling to make it through the month. So it seems like a weird business decision to go online and berate your followers for not giving you enough of their dwindling cash.

invadervie backlash, invadervie backlash video

via Twitter

A Twitch streamer who posts under the name InvaderVie is facing backlash on Twitter and basically everywhere else after posting an extremely tone-deaf and ill-timed video about how people haven’t been paying her the subscription fee to watch her channel. While some of her content is free, lots of it is protected except for people paying in at $4.99 per month.

“It doesn’t matter how broke you are. If you have time to watch Twitch, you have $10,” InvaderVie told her audience. “If you don’t have $10, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working, you should be trying to earn money.” 

Reading comments from viewers saying they had no cash and their money was going towards food and shelter, so her request was inappropriate, she responded even more harshly.

invadervie backlash, invadervie backlash video

via Twitter

“No one’s going to convince me that what I’m saying is so rude, or so unacceptable, or so outrageous. It just simply isn’t,” she said.  “What you mean to say is, ‘I’m so irresponsible with my money, I can’t support the entertainment that I enjoy.'” 

According to Insider, InvaderVie has 144,944 followers and is based in Toronto. She posted her video on April 14, and it’s been spread everywhere, especially on Twitter, where people are pretty pissed off by InvaderVie’s comments. Lots of people are commenting on her content now, and not anything good:

She’s even been parodied by another Twitter user @Twizz_fizz:

If your business depends on people liking you and enjoying spending time watching you do things online, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to alienate people for being poor. That’s what I would call irresponsible.

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