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OnlyFans Creators Call Influencer Tana Mongeau A Pimp For Her New “Talent Agency”

Tana Mongeau has been called a “pimp” on social media after she announced her plans for a paid mentorship program in a joint effort with Unruly Agency.

Tana Mongeau / Instagram

On Sunday, Mongeau tweeted about “Tana’s Angels Agency”, which will give paid coaching for people who want to be online influencers.

Last May, Mongeau launched an OnlyFans account and was reported to have earned over three million in one month.

Tana Mongeau / Instagram

Now Mongeau has decided to teach others how to generate income on sites like OnlyFans.

“After receiving tens of thousands of messages daily from people asking me how I make money on OF and as an online creator… my team and I KNEW it was the time to partner with Unruly Agency and Tara Electra to start my very own agency,” she said.

Mongeau said that she wants to “give power back to creators.”

Tana Mongeau / Instagram

“Throughout my career I’ve been taken advantage of more times than I can count,” Mongeau said in an interview with US Weekly. “I am starting TAA to teach people how to not make the mistakes I made early on in my career. I understand more creators are born every day and we’re in a creator culture.”

But Twitter users pointed out that Mongeau’s OnlyFans numbers were so high because she was already famous when she joined the adult platform.

“Tana is making money on OF bc she’s already got a name. You being in her agency does not guarantee you the same success she’s had,” @GiaPaige argued. “You don’t need an agency to succeed at OnlyFans, you just need a fan base and that can take a while.”

Twitter user @katie_kuick was direct. “You already know this is a f—king scam.”

Others pointed out that the actions of Mongeau were akin to being a pimp and exploiting women who are struggling.

“Babe please get an attorney with an inkling of awareness about anti-trafficking legislation because according to SESTA/FOSTA this is criminal exploitation,” @CloisterFuck wrote.

The mentorship program’s website has no information on cost and asks people to apply by giving personal information.

According to Mongeau, she already has over 100,000 applicants.