“I’m 3’11 And My Boyfriend Is 6’8, But We Don’t Care What People Think”

People always find a way to weasel into famous couples’ lives.

For example, a social media influencer couple consisting of Jake and Airika have a height gap a few inches shy of 3 feet and observers are concerned it might affect their love life.

The pair have spoken about their size gap many times through platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Twenty-two-year-old OnlyFans model Airika is diagnosed with Dwarfism and stands at a height of 3’11. Whereas her boyfriend, Jake, is 6’8.

Although the two make an odd pairing, Airika has mentioned multiple times that their size difference doesn’t matter to her. However, this hasn’t stopped viewers from making raunchy comments in the couple’s direction.

An OnlyFans couple with a height gap of nearly 3 feet says they don’t care what people think!


Erika, who goes by the name Airikacal on Instagram and OnlyFans, introduced her partner to the world via TikTok with the viral “hit chu wit d blick” dance craze. Needless to say, the reveal shocked viewers.

As you may have predicted, dirty-minded viewers have been asking questions about the kind of love life the two have in consideration of their height difference.

couple height gap 3 feet
couple height gap 3 feet
couple height gap 3 feet
airika and jake tiktok

The couple responded to their hecklers with an excellent marketing technique.

The pair remarked that many of their (viewer’s) questions would be answered if they got onto the model’s OnlyFans page. Not only does this lead to more income for the two of them, but it also satisfies all the freaks out there who are curious about their relationship.


What are your thoughts on this city skyline of a couple? Have you ever seen a height gap quite like this one? Let us know! The only former couple that comes to mind is the viral TikTok lesbian couple consisting of Sedona and Rylee, though their example didn’t end well.