Instagram Is Testing A New Feature That Actually Helps Block Trolls

There are a lot of people who use social media as a weapon to harass people and the kind of person who does that always seems to have a lot of time on their hands. It is common for trolls to make multiple accounts, so if one gets blocked they’re ready to swoop in and annoy you with another.

Now, people on Twitter are saying that some of their Instagram accounts have had a new block feature enabled that allows them to mass block one person’s accounts. That includes any future accounts made:

The new feature gives you the option to block them individually, or to select “Block ____ and new accounts they may create.”

It seems like the way the block feature works is by blocking someone’s IP address, which is not likely to change frequently.

People are really enthusiastic about the new addition, because of all the ways it will help protect them from stalkers and harassment—and all the ways it will bust those harassers:

They only wish that it had come a whole lot sooner:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a feature everyone has yet:

We will get there. Keep demanding that update roll out, on Instagram and probably any social media app people use to destroy your peace.