19 Meme Halloween Costumes For Anyone Who Spends Way Too Much Time On The Internet

You can choose a funny Halloween costume,  a sexy Halloween costume, or you can go full-on galaxy brain and choose a meme Halloween costume. Whether they’re clever, stupid, or funny for no discernible reason, memes are the language of the internet. So it’s no surprise that there are meme-based Halloween costumes for those who want to dress up as their favorite meme of the moment from “Surprised Guy” to “And I Oop.” 

Here are some meme Halloween costume ideas you can try if your brain has been thoroughly ruined by the internet.

1. Distracted Boyfriend

2. Squinting Woman


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3. Disintegrating Spider-man

4. “This Is Fine” Dog

5. Is this a…?

6. “Toast Malone”

7. Google Street View Cat

8. Tide Pod

9. Moth & Lamp

10. 1990s Rock

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