20 Tweets That You’ll Relate To If 2018 Emotionally Drained You

11. Millennials refused to stop murdering things. (“Millennials!” *Shakes fist at the sky*)

12. Dating apps continued to provide us with potential mates based solely on physical features.

13. Trump remained mind-bogglingly awful.

14. This Lyft driver came up with an ingenious way to avoid talking to people. Thank you, technology.

15. Nope, millennials actually did not do this. Uh-uh.

16. England continued Brexiting.

17. We found new ways to broadcast every single second of our lives.

18. A picture of something called Monster Energy Ham went around the internet and people believed it was real. It’s scary that we live in a society where energy ham could be a thing.

19. Voter suppression was a huge issue in the midterm elections, nothing funny about that.

20. And also, it was the end of an era.


H/T BuzzFeed

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.