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24 Funny Movie & TV Starter Packs That Make Some Good Points

Movies and TV shows generally fall into genres and in those genres various tropes abound.

What would a police drama be without someone leaning over a computer tech’s shoulder and gravely muttering “enhance”? What would an alien invasion blockbuster be that doesn’t feature a shot of people abandoning their cars in the street in New York City and fleeing some devastating, building-rippling blast? How would we know someone in a movie was a nerd if he didn’t have big Coke bottle glasses? HOW WOULD WE KNOW?

Now a meme has emerged to make categorizing these movies and shows simpler by offering “starter packs” that contain everything you need to make the type of film in question. These range from the fairly general like the traditional “Sitcom Dad Starter Pack” to the very specific and meta, like the “You Missed The Point By Idolizing Them” starter pack which features characters like the Joker and Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

Here are some of the funniest movie and TV starter packs that also make some pretty good points.

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