19 Boyfriends Who Could Not Have Failed Harder In 2018

No relationship is perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs, but sometimes the downs are very one-sided. For instance, maybe your boyfriend is continuously failing like all of these hilarious guys did in 2018. But hey, at least he’s trying, right?

1. This boyfriend who clearly got his penguins mixed up.


2. This boyfriend who’s just a little confused about natural light.


3. This guy trying his best to cut up an avocado.


4. This boyfriend who attempted to draw on his girlfriend’s eyebrows.


5. This boyfriend who was told to hang up the wet laundry.


6. This guy who was definitely trying a little too hard.


7. This boyfriend who was supposed to start a bath for his gf.


8. A guy who’s way too aggressive with paper towels.


9. This boyfriend who should probably just throw the “loufa” away.


10. This guy who was supposed to bring his girlfriend icecream in a bowl.