21 Things That’ll Only Make Sense If You’re So Broke, You’ve Had Sleep For Dinner

There are two types of days: pay day and every day in-between pay day. Those days in between payday, unfortunately, make up the majority of our time and it can be a major bummer to think about.

The hardest days are the ones leading up to payday where you start trying to stretch pennies and ask yourself if you really need to go buy more toilet paper.

1. Having regrets for purchases in the distant past.


2. Using every last morsel of food in your kitchen.




4. Getting creative to avoid paying a gym membership.


5. Considering all your options in the worst of times.

6. Constantly being in a bad mood.

7. Managing a crisis with ingenuity.


8. Being charged a fee for having no money.

9. Counting your bread.


10. Blaming your situation on the system instead of yourself.

11. Wondering aloud why you ever went to college.

12. Considering mooching off family and friends.

13. Looking up to coupon shoppers as the thrifty goddesses they are. 


14. Saying no to necessities. 

15. Appealing for an ‘IOU’ instead of an up-front payment.

16. Digging yourself deeper by engaging in retail therapy.

17. Trying to entertain yourself on a budget.

18. Remembering the good times of when you had money two weeks ago.

19. Tossing aside your own morals for any stream of cash.

20. Still finding a way to buy $12 cocktails at a happy hour.


21. Dreaming about what you’d do if you had more money.

h/t: Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Someecards