People Are Sharing What They “Can’t Wait To Walk Down The Aisle” For (22 Memes)

Being in quarantine is making a lot of people miss things they never thought they would—like the process of going to an airport, getting through security, boarding a plane, and then having to walk up and down the aisle to get to the toilets. Folks have started to express their nostalgia for all the stuff out there that once felt commonplace with the “can’t wait to walk down the aisle” meme, a phrase that used to be almost exclusively associated with weddings.

In fact, it’s so common for a woman (and some men) to say “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle!” in regards to their wedding day that this Twitter user’s mother got confused when she shared the new meme, thinking she’d actually gotten engaged:

But people aren’t longing for weddings. They’re longing for record stores, thrift shops, concert halls, and stadiums. They’re longing to gather in large groups and do all the stuff they’ve always loved and assumed they’d always be able to do. Some of this stuff isn’t even my thing, but I also cannot wait to walk down the aisle for all of it.