Chinese Spy Ballon Memes Are Coming For Your Freedom, Or At Least The Next 3-5 Mins Of Your Time

Chances are you’ve seen a Chinese spy ballon meme floating around the internet by now. Memes are pretty much how every piece of trending news gets processed these days. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll give you the quick rundown.

What was the Chinese Spy Balloon?

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On February 4, 2023 a large white balloon was spotted above Myrtle Beach, FL. After going viral on Tiktok and Twitter, the president quickly ordered the military to shoot it down over the Atlantic.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed it was a Chinese spy balloon likely attempting to surveil strategic sites in the US. It entered out airspace above Idaho and drifted over Montana then across the country.

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We’re in contact with Chinese officials about this, but it doesn’t look great. It’s clearly a violation, and we aren’t sure exactly what they were trying to do. No need to rent Red Dawn and start doing some prep work. 

Like I said early, memes are how we process everything. A good Chinese spy balloon meme is someone healing, understanding, and putting some humor into the world. It’s a good thing. So, we’ve collected some of the best.

Here are the 25 Best Chinese Spy Balloon Memes

1. My Jenny 😫

2. The plot thickens…


3. Now we’ll never know.

4. You know what, I’m proud I don’t know what this means.


5. I mean, he ain’t wrong.

chinese spy balloon meme - tiktok

6. Between that and Tiktok they have us from both ends.

chinese spy balloon - 1923

7. Would’ve been a better ending tbh.

chinese spy balloon - wizard of oz

8. Oh boy!

9. Waste not…

10. This check out.


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11. Dang, got me.

chinese spy balloon meme - car extended warranty

12. A very Svengoolie tweet.

13. Nothing will be as shocking or sad as the first 10 minutes of this movie.

chinese spy balloon meme - Up



chinese spy balloon meme - star wars



chinese spy balloon meme - RIP


chinese spy balloon meme - minion


chinese spy balloon meme - uncle rico


chinese spy balloon meme- ohio


chinese spy balloon meme- white house


chinese spy balloon meme - air force


chinese spy balloon meme - chinese spies


chinese spy balloon meme - montana

25. Called it. Like a Jewish Space Laser.