Making Cultural Appropriation Memes Is Appropriating Meme Culture (22 Memes)

When the term “cultural appropriation” was first popularized it was an intriguing concept but there were always critical issues with the idea that it’s wrong for people to learn from, adopt, and adapt things from cultures other than their own.

One of the main problems is that this is how most good art, fashion, music…and human culture in general is made. There’s also the fact that trying to erect behavioral walls based on nationality or ethnicity winds up putting people in strict boxes instead of helping anyone learn or grow.

Since accusations of cultural appropriation are generally intended to limit the ways people can express themselves it’s hardly shocking that it is not a very popular concept on the internet, which has long prided itself on being a wild, chaotic realm of conversation and ideas where almost anything goes.

So, yep, there are a lot of cultural appropriation meme.


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