Turn On The Lights Before Entering The Room (25 Friday The 13th Memes And Tweets)

If you were an ’80s or ’90s kid, you probably remember laying in your bed at night on Friday the 13th hoping the superhuman Jason Voorhees (and his weird hockey goalie mask) wouldn’t break into your house with a giant machete—where’d he get that thing?—to murder you. He was not playing around. This guy was mad. Was it mommy issues? Jealousy that he couldn’t also have fun teen sex? Or was he just totally psycho?

Or maybe it was the potent power of Friday the 13th? Historically, this date has some weird significance (and still does, evidenced by modern buildings constructed without a 13th floor). In the Western world, it’s associated with unluckiness (you know, like getting macheted by a freak).

It falls on any day that starts on a Sunday. It might have something to do with Jesus’ death on Good Friday (and the disciples who partied hard the night before his death). But let’s be honest. No one really cares about its history. We just know it’s spooky…and we just wanna meme-ify it.

Behold the many hilarious Friday the 13th memes that are more entertaining than the movie franchise itself:


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